There are so many different ways to look at water and to use it to harness money luck. Suffice to say that all the big cities of the world – those that have grown and continue to grow are cities that have been built around a meandering river. New York, London, Chicago, Shanghai, Sydney, Paris – are just a few examples of clusters of wealth brought by big natural rivers.

So waterways and bodies of water always suggest wealth and growth. This is because water produces wood which signifies growth chi.

How does one go about selecting property?

1) Look at the terrain and what surrounds your property. Look at the way roads are laid out. Are any of the surrounding roads pointing directly at any part of your house? Are there many feeder roads in the development or new township the property is located in? As a general rule it is important that there is nothing straight, nothing sharp and nothing pointed aimed at any property you are thinking of buying.

2) Look for nearby natural water features and check the orientation of different units to the water. As a general rule water in front is always better than water behind.

3) Look at the design features of houses facades and elevations. When roof lines appear threatening try to visualize it in the house opposite yours hitting directly at you!

4) Look at the locations of the localized infrastructure. Facing a padang, a field is excellent feng shui as this makes up the bright hall benign chi can settle and gather momentum before entering your home. Facing a river that flows past the home even at some distance is excellent feng shui. when this is also investigated according to compass directions you can really investigate how good the river feature is.

5) Always check the compass directions and then work out if the orientations of any property you are contemplating on buying will be suitable for you. This requires knowledge of Eight mansions feng shui and although this is an exceptionally easy formula to use, it is nevertheless extremely potent and very powerful.

The above are merely generalized guidelines to take note of. They are simple guidelines but if you can investigate at least these few matters you will not go far wrong. There are many things you can do to activate the feng shui luck of your home after you buy it. But before you commit to buy it really is necessary to get certain things right.