If you feel like having fun with your living space and don’t mind veering away from the normal, here’s just the thing for you to do. Head to eBay, and there you will find someone selling the interior of a passenger airline!

The 19 square foot area belongs, the seller claims, to a real Boeing aircraft and the seats are the real deal. This space has everything but the trolley dollies.

Spelling it out, this space includes first class double seats, two fully-equipped airplane toilets, a kitchenette, storage lockers, and onboard in-flight video equipment. So if you feel crazy enough to do this go ahead and bid for this space! Who knows, you might just get the interiors of a Boeing aircraft for dirt cheap!

Currently the bid stands at $ 560.55. So, you can sit in this space and actually make believe that you’re watching clouds outside your own airplane windows.