With global warming taking a toll on earth and non-renewable fossil fuels hastening the process, designers and engineers are finding innovative ways of conserving and developing green energy in our environment. A merchandise of their efforts is the VEIL solar shades which does more than just transforming sunlight into energy.

Created by Australian design firm Buro North in partnership with the Victorian Eco-Invention Lab, it flaunts a super cool design, unlike the old school drab solar panels. With it’s organic, natural sloping structure, the pattern across the top looks like the veins of a leaf waiting to collect solar energy for photosynthesis.

The VEILs are designed for schoolyards where they have a practical benefit of shading tykes from the hot sun and are partially funded by the Australian government.

The base of the leaf shows which positions are most suitable for maximum energy consumptions at different times of the day and underneath the canopy, the LED feedback system shows whether the shades are getting enough sunlight. It blinks in green when the VEILS are happy eating enough sunlight, and blink Red when they need to be re-positioned. Moreover, they are lightweight so kids can relocate the VEILs.