Long gone are the days when fireplaces were simply functional. With these amazing designs, more than just the flickering flames will have you transfixed.

Starting with perhaps the most simple of our selection, but by no means could they be called “typical” fireplaces, Bordelet have created a range of modern designs that uses colour, angles, sharp lines and curves to set them apart,

Bordelet have created the “Eva”, a fireplace that literally hangs from the ceiling. With a circular shape, it can take centre stage in the middle of the room and truly prove to be a talking point itself as your family and friends sit around it

Redwitz have created a beautiful and ornate fireplace rendered in refined steel. The Mazzetto is elegant, artistic whilst being antique and rustic in appearance: one could quite believe that there is an intriguing history behind its clear functional use.

Taking a look from the past, creating a style for the future, Sikken have created this chunky looking radiator that also doubles as a pizza oven.

A fantastic way to create a striking, modern partition in a large room, whilst also adding the aesthetic and practical features of a fireplace, Edilkamin have created these geometric designs. The Art Acciaio, which features a satin steel coating and the Art Wenge which is entirely covered in wenge wood, provide storage, great heating and a contemporary look that will prove to be long-lasting in many ways.

Picture the warmth and coziness of watching TV by the fireplace on a cold day…Vok has gone one step further and created the Multimedia Fireplace, including an LCD TV, DVD player, BOSE sound system and internet connection. And when it’s time to turn off the TV and enjoy a peaceful, romantic night in, you can watch and listen to the fire roar without any distractions.

In many ways these designs will make any room warm and appealing.

Simon Turner