Dubai’s “Dynamic Tower”, a $US700 million ($A732.9 million) rotating, shifting, rippling skyscraper, has been unveiled by architect David Fisher for a planned 2010 opening.

The tower, which will be entirely self-sufficient, harnessing the power of the wind rather than fighting the forces, as is always the problem with such a large structure.

There will be 80 apartments in the building, all of which will be pre-fabricated in Italy prior to being assembled in Dubai – much the same way as cabins are individually created prior to being inserted into a luxury liner, and each will spin throughout 360 degrees during a one to three hour period, all around a central, vertical column using 79 power-generating wind turbines.

As striking as it will be to be inside an apartment will be the equally stunning view from the outside, with the tower constantly shifting its shape.

Priced at approximately $30,000 per square metres, ranging in size between 124 – 1200 square metres this will make apartments cost between $US3.7 million and $US36 million. The penthouses will even have car parking on the same level as the apartment.

The apartments, ranging from 124 to 1,200 square metres, will take between one and three hours to make a complete rotation, and at $US30,000 ($A31,400) per square metres, will cost from $US3.7 million to $US36 million ($A3.8 million to $A37.6 million).

The pre-fabrication method is expected to cut building costs by ten per cent, with plans to build sister towers in Moscow and New York.

Simon Turner