Donald Trump is moving his focus to Australia with Sydney as the city set to benefit.

Having just released his Palm Beach property from his book, he is planning to move by the end of the year and real estate throughout the Harbour city is set to be changed forever. Property in Sydney is set to lead the world in innovation and luxury and those looking to rent or buy are to benefit.

Trump Tower Sydney will be the most luxurious real estate in the country with 24 hour Luxury Concierge and apartments that resemble luxury penthouses. With the recent examples of the world’s tallest buildings in the wo9rld produced from forward thinking economies such as Dubai and Qatar, could Sydney truly reach such levels?

The serious question, however, is whether Trump will really leave New York and help turn Sydney into the next Capital of the World?

Is this a dream or is this true?

The answer, unfortunately, is no.

All the hype and all the excitement spoken about above is all just that – HYPE!

If only Sydney was heading toward construction of the tallest or most luxurious property in the world. If only we were looking at world leading eco-friendly buildings which are self sufficient and utilizing both solar and wind to power the building. The development at Frasers Broadway in Sydney is certainly progression in the right direction.

A city, however, with so much belief in itself has the opportunity to prove so much more.

Why is Sydney not developing this thought process or anything similar? The state governement of New South Wales, so caught up in it’s own misery, in-fighting and lack of focus, is ultimately full of talk and very little action

A wise friend once told me that opportunity is like a $100 note – very few people reach out and grab it when it floats in front of them.

Sydney has every opportunity to be a global city – it would be such a shame to see such chance float by.

Michael Marquette