In tough times choosing an agent to sell your property is more important than ever. Asking agents to show evidence that what they are claiming actually works is a great idea. I strongly believe that agents who insist on vendor paid marketing should be capable of proving that your money is going to be spent wisely and not just be used to advertise their brand.

Can the agent show that Newspaper advertising which costs thousands of dollars is necessary? Can they show that their website is truly more effective than other sites? Can they reach an international Luxury audience and how?

Is advertising in a real estate agency magazine essential in selling your home and where is it distributed? Is the agency database so good that it’s a point of difference in choosing your agent? I have heard dozens of agents speak about the strength of their database, yet few can back it up with real buyers. They insist that although their database is great, other vendor paid marketing is necessary to achieve a sale – so what is so good about a database if you still need to advertise elsewhere?

This is a wonderful time to carefully consider where you are spending your money and what return you are getting on the investment. Don’t be shy in asking agents to produce evidence to back up their claims. Your home is a valuable asset that deserves the very best. After all you wouldn’t gamble with your health by allowing a Doctor to experiment on you without proof that the treatment would actually work.

Michael Marquette