Last week whilst at the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate Annual Conference and Award’s in Philadelphia, Michael Marquette & myself (representing Marquette Turner Luxury Homes) were awarded the title of the World’s Most Oustanding Rookie (New Luxury Real Estate Agency).

Therefore, as the “newbie” we were in the company of other winners, some that were being awarded for selling over a billion dollars US, which is obviously quite jaw dropping coming from Australia.

Here are five insights that I gained from the Conference:

  • Social networking is very much embraced by leading businesses (even if not necessarily by all employees).  Prior to our trip, whilst I knew of the major portals, I didn’t regularly use them all, and certainly not in a business manner.  Now, I am increasingly appreciating how Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, My Judy all have a very useful position.
  • Australian’s tend to be more shy about success.  I am definitely one of these.  My experience in the last few weeks, however, is that the Americans we came in contact with were very excited about where we’d come from, what we thought, and where we were heading.
  • We’ve often been told that it’s difficult to “break the glass ceiling” in Australia when having new ideas, when you haven’t been around for a long time and aren’t particularly preaching to the converted (ie. you have new ideas).  This isn’t true, despite our youth we have been embraced by Australian’s and others.  Of course there are some people that take a little longer to warm to one’s ideas, but this just helps you tweak your concepts.
  • Share, share, share.  It’s very difficult to grow, evolve, or refine when keeping everything to yourself.  Putting your ideas out there not only gets you mountains back in return, but it also improves your understanding of your offering.
  • Don’t be shy: if you can’t promote, sell and back your own ideas, thoughts and business in general, then it’s going to be very difficult to get others to.

I hope some of these insights help you as much as they have me in furthering my knowledge and ideas for the future. Simon Turner

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