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The Urban Jungle: How architects are helping city dwellers get back to nature

Outdoor spaces can be more than just a balcony or a city park. Architects are increasingly enabling those living in the city to also appreciate some of nature’s joys, thus enjoying the best of both worlds. At present approximately 50% of the world’s population live in cities, and this figure is expected to rise to […]

Architects: To Use or Not to Use

Q: “We are currently weighing the pros and cons of using an architect. We do not want a “cutting-edge” renovation and certainly do not want the pressure of dealing with someone who wants to put his or her “stamp” on the place. That said, is there a role for an architect in our renovation and […]

More Than a Façade: Behind The Surface of The Lancasters, Hyde Park

It’s big it’s hard…and this is serious work! “The Lancaster”, a luxury residential project besides Hyde Park in London is being gutted by the developer – all of the interior of a 125-meter long Grade II listed building – whilst seeking to preserve the building’s ornate façade. Dating back to the mid-19th Century, the façade […]

All Bar None: The Most Futuristic Bar So Far

This futuristic bar, designed by architect Zaha Hadid, is not just any piece of furniture and definitely goes where no bar has gone before. Finished with a metallic surface, it’s sweeping lines certainly wouldn’t look out of place on the Starship Enterprise. Or, if that’s not such a possibility right now, you could no doubt […]

Sign of the Times: The Billboard House

With plenty of commotion of recent times regarding the cost of living, maybe this offering from Single House Front Architects is a solution. Whilst your life would certainly be on show, the billboard-influenced home, designed for a single occupant, could enable your address to change with the seasons or even your mood. Whether you’re looking […]

Donald Trump Provides the Future for Sydney!

Donald Trump is moving his focus to Australia with Sydney as the city set to benefit. Having just released his Palm Beach property from his book, he is planning to move by the end of the year and real estate throughout the Harbour city is set to be changed forever. Property in Sydney is set […]

Australia’s most expensive apartment SOLD in Potts Point

Potts Point in Sydney has achieved Australia’s record apartment price with a $20 million penthouse sale. An undisclosed “prominent Sydney businessman” bought the apartment off-the-plan after Sydney City Council approved the development on Monday. The two-level penthouse, with views across Woolloomooloo Bay towards the central business district, Sydney Harbour and the Opera House, will have […]

Home Ideas Centre – Hunter

A new concept for bringing builders, other tradespeople, designers and suppliers into contact with thegeneral public will be launched in Newcastle in late June or early July 2008. The HIA Hunter Home Ideas Centre, a new complex in the industrial estate of Steel River at Mayfield West, is set to revolutionise the way the home […]

The world’s first $2billion home

Mukesh Ambani, head of India-based petrochemical giant Reliance Industries, and the fifth richest man in the world, is having a 27 floor skyscraper home built in Mumbai for approximately $2 billion. Forbes estimated Ambani’s net worth at $43 billion in March. Reliance Industries was founded by Mukesh’s father, Dhirubhai Ambani, in 1966, and is India’s […]

Simple ideas to start a part-time business

Ideas cost nothing, so here’s a few to hopefully give you a jolt into helping you find your niche: Personal services. Can you save someone else time? Running errands for seniors, preparing someone’s tax returns or walking your neighbors’ dogs are examples of valuable services to offer. Gardening and landscaping. Consider the growing garden trade. […]

All Hands on Deck: How Safe is Your Balcony or Deck?

A Melbourne balcony rail collapse that injured three people has prompted a pre-festive-season warning from architects about the safety of Australia’s balconies and decks. Pre-purchase inspections conducted by the Royal Australian Institute of Architect’s buyer inspection service revealed that 6per cent of Australian homes had a timber balcony, and 2 per cent of these had […]