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Australia’s Auction Clearance Rates – Week Ending December 14, 2008

Here are the auction clearance rates for Australia’s capital cities for the week ending December 14, 2008. Source: RP Data Simon Turner FYI: Read related articles on Auctions; Clearance Rates; Buying property Advertisements

Australian Auction Clearance Rates: Week Ending 7 December 2008

Simon Turner FYI: Read related articles on Auctions; or Luxury Homes; or Buying Real Estate

WISE GUY: Auction Clearance Rates – What They Really Show

Weekly auction clearance rates do not paint a particularly clear picture. They have quite a small sample size and show a lot of week-to-week volatility. If clearance rates are on the way up, does this signal an improving property market? Well maybe, but before we pass judgement on the state of the market, we really […]

Australian Auction Clearance Rates: Week Ending 23 November

Here are Australia’s auction clearance rates for the capital cities for the weekend ending 23 November, 2008, courtesy of RP Data. Simon Turner FYI: Read related articles on Auctions; or Buying Real Estate; Credit Crunch; or Interest Rates

Luxury Sales in Sydney: What’s Truth & What’s Fiction – Part 2

Part 2 of a 2 Part Investigation The low sales volumes that we have seen in 2008 have resulted from fear, necessity and pride. Each has played a role in reducing the number of sales. In so much as fear has contributed people are always cautious during times of upheaval or unrest. Economically it has […]

Luxury Sales in Sydney – What’s Truth & What’s Fiction? Part 1 of 2

Part 1 of a 2 part Investigation No matter where you go in property obsessed Sydney you will hear real estate agents, friends, family, neighbours and people from all works of life giving their take on how Sydney is faring in the Luxury Real Estate arena. I hear many people say that the Luxury market […]

Luxury Homes Need Luxury Agents To Sell Them: Just Ask Wayne Cooper

Fashion designer Wayne Cooper’s Luxury Sydney home in Sydney’s Eastern Suburb of Tamarama failed to attract a bidder at auction yesterday. The entire process has been disastrous from start to finish with Wayne Cooper being convicted of assaulting her last Friday.  An apprehended violence order was amended so he could attend the auction. A bidder […]

Unnecessary Auction Pain: A Case Study

CASE STUDY: A luxury home was auctioned in Merewether (a beachside suburb in Newcastle, Australia) on Saturday by an agency that we can call “Agency X”. It was a fascinating experience for a number of reasons, notwithstanding the fact that it didn’t sell. Marquette Turner Luxury Homes have a wonderful property for sale in Merewether […]

Australian Capital City Auction Clearance Rates (for week ending 28 Sep 08)

Auction clearance rates in the last week have remained uninspiring (the Melbourne figures in particular, but in no means exclusively, should be looked at in the context of annual figures etc). Quite simply, auctioning still remains very much a strategy for those with a propensity to gamble. Marquette Turner Luxury Homes maintain the opinion that […]

The world’s most prestigious real estate site, the luxury real estate website of the prestigious “Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate” has been named as the world’s most prestigious real estate website by high-net-worth consumers in the 2008 Luxury Brand Status Index survey. The survey was conducted by the Luxury Institute, an independent research company in New York City. John Brian […]

Australian Auction Clearance Rates Continue to Jitter

Auction Clearance rates for the week ending August 10, 2008 continued to show an uncertain market where buyers and vendors are struggling to find common ground. Low price expectations from would-be bargain hunters are making it difficult for many vendors to make decisions on auction day and Luxury property continues to perform poorly at auction. […]

Investing in luxury real estate in a market downturn

People love to live beyond their means – hands up if you fit into this category. In the last few years mortgages and lines of credit were given out as if the money was just going to fall out of a tree to pay for it. Now that the rug is being pulled out from […]

Say goodbye to the backyard barbie

The great Australian dream of home ownership seems to be disappearing before our very eyes. Australia is in the midst of its worst housing crisis in decades, the Reserve Bank statistics show that house prices were flat in the first three months of this year and they appear to be headed for a fall. Credit […]

Australian home buyers remain nervous

NERVOUS home buyers have not been reassured by Reserve Bank signals that interest rates will remain on hold, with auction clearance rates remaining low throughout the country over the past weekend (12-13 April). With mortgage rates rising so rapidly in the last few months, buyer sentiment in the property market has taken a battering, and […]

Auction Clearances Better Than Last Year

The first auctions of the year last weekend showed an improvement compared with this time last year. The clearance rate for properties rose by almost 10 per cent in Sydney to 56 per cent while the number of houses listed also increased by 10 per cent compared with this time last year. Of the 77 […]

Is Sydney the Next Target for Al Qaeda?

I was travelling from Sydney to Tamworth recently, on my way to the Marquette Turner country retreat. It’s a great escape from the pressures of Sydney and as I checked in my luggage and received my boarding pass I continued through Security where I was pulled up and searched as I had inadvertently left a […]

Junk Mail: Electoral Rubbish

The upcoming Federal election is causing some vendor jitters in deciding when to sell. Vendors are troubled by the election date of November 24, which is a Saturday and real estate agents are doing all they can to avoid auctioning homes on that weekend. At Marquette Turner Estate Agents we have decided to delay all […]