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WISE GUY: Auction Clearance Rates – What They Really Show

Weekly auction clearance rates do not paint a particularly clear picture. They have quite a small sample size and show a lot of week-to-week volatility. If clearance rates are on the way up, does this signal an improving property market? Well maybe, but before we pass judgement on the state of the market, we really […]

Simon Turner’s “The Real State”: Aiding The Bubble Will Just Aid The Burst

Keeping up with the ever-changing commentary and realities of the Australian and worldwide economy (which don’t necessarily work in-congruence) can be pretty daunting. Whilst no economist myself, I nonetheless happily offer my opinion on “the real state” of play as I see them. There have been a number of moves taken by Kevin Rudd of […]

Buying Abroad: Marquette Turner makes the front cover of British magazine

The British magazine “Buying Abroad” has chosen to feature a luxury home of Marquette Turner’s on the front cover of their latest issue, as part of their feature on Australian and more specifically Sydney property. Catering for the legions of British real estate investors that choose to look overseas to make their investment, the magazine […]

Tips for buying and selling in a turbulent market

In today’s turbulent real estate market, many buyers and sellers seem to have become confused about negotiating tactics. Many buyers assume that every property is overpriced and that low-ball bids are de rigueur. Sellers often recoil at these “insulting” offers, which typically leave no room for negotiation. The result: a potential deal collapses and both […]

Top 5 tips to make buying property simple

It may seem that now is not the time to buy property – the economic climate may have spooked all but the most seasoned property investors. However, if you stick to Marquette Turner’s basic rules below you will certainly be on the right course. 1. Set your budget. Have a meeting with a mortgage broker […]

Aspen Real Estate Prices are "Nothing Special"

Aspen Ski Resort in the US sounds expensive just thinking about it. It might look cheap or expensive compared to the budget you have for buying real estate and secondly it might look cheap or expensive compared to other luxury real estate in other US ski resorts. The first price distinction is a personal matter; […]

2008: The Real Estate Year Ahead

2008 is set to be an interesting year in so many ways. We are looking at further interest rate rises as inflationary pressures force the Reserve Bank to tighten monetary policy. Further increases in the cost of oil and grocery’s are likely to put pressure on prices for consumers and low unemployment will continue to […]

Australia’s Auction Clearance Rates – Week Ending December 14, 2008

Here are the auction clearance rates for Australia’s capital cities for the week ending December 14, 2008. Source: RP Data Simon Turner FYI: Read related articles on Auctions; Clearance Rates; Buying property

Australian Auction Clearance Rates: Week Ending 7 December 2008

Simon Turner FYI: Read related articles on Auctions; or Luxury Homes; or Buying Real Estate

Australian Auction Clearance Rates: Week Ending 23 November

Here are Australia’s auction clearance rates for the capital cities for the weekend ending 23 November, 2008, courtesy of RP Data. Simon Turner FYI: Read related articles on Auctions; or Buying Real Estate; Credit Crunch; or Interest Rates

Investors LOOK Here: Properties With a Price Reduction!

Without fear nor contest, the following listings of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes have received a price reduction in the past week, with the explicit consent of the owner. Woollahra Stockton Merewether Corlette Simon Turner FYI: Read related articles on Luxury Homes; or Buying Real Estate; or Investment

WISE GUY: John McGrath, What Planet Are You On?

I read an article today on the Domain blog in Australia (owned by Fairfax Media) and I cannot believe the total rubbish it conveyed to people. I am so disappointed that I feel forced to discuss it. We can all recognize that someone has done well for themselves – we can praise and applaud that […]

WISE GUY: Why Does the Australian Dollar Suddenly Have So Few Friends?

It was almost like you went to put the kettle on during the ad break and everything changed with the Australian Dollar: one minute we’re pushing (almost) the 1 AUD for 1 USD and within a few months the AUD is struggling to buy 60 cents US. Not being an economist, and learning on the […]

Newcastle – The Forgotten City

Marquette Turner Luxury Homes does a considerable amount of work with clients in Newcastle selling their Luxury Homes. They want the wonderful features of the city to be properly and fully communicated to a national and international audience – it’s sad that the “local” agents focus on advertising in the local newspaper, which I must […]

Who’s in Recession?

The news is moving more quickly than I can keep up with. I have just arrived back to the office after running my dogs and CNN announced that Germany is in recession. So when we look at the world’s largest five economies, three are in recession, the United States is all but in recession and […]

I Have A Dream: NSW Stamp Duty Slashed

Over the last month or so I have had numerous discussions with people from all around the world about the level of Stamp Duty we pay in Australia on property transactions. In my opinion it acts as a huge disincentive for people to transact and puts additional and unnecessary barriers in place for buyers and […]

The UK in Recession

It’s difficult to watch the television, read newspapers or generally go outside of your home right now without being bombarded with negative news on the economy. The US economy is all but in recession, New Zealand is already in recession, Japan is in recession and as of today so is the United Kingdom. The Governor […]

Dubai Goes Out Of This World

There’s the Palm Shaped Island and there’s the Map of the World. And just when we thought planners in Dubai could possibly have run out of new concepts, they’re planning the Universe! Suddenly buying a tree branch or a country doesn’t look quite the same, when Saturn or Mercury are on offer! Whilst a couple […]

London Luxury Home Prices Continue To Fall

The world’s most expensive location for prime real estate behind Monaco, Central London has seen luxury home values fall for an eighth month. Such locales include Mayfair, St John’s Wood, Regent’s Park, Kensington, Notting Hill, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Belgravia and the South Bank neighborhoods of London. As recently reported by Bloomberg, in November the approximate average […]

BRAIN MATTERS: When Will The Roller Coaster Ride End?

This is a question on many people’s lips and our colleague in San Fransisco, Jim Walberg, has some great points worthy of noting. “THE key to our economic recovery is real estate values and consumer confidence. Real estate is the oil that fuels our economic engine. Generally, real estate is having a similar feel that […]