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Celebrity Luxury Home: Kelsey Grammer

Every now and then, Marquette Turner Luxury Homes likes to showcase luxurious properties of the rich and famous both in Australia and overseas, listed by our fellow luxury agents. Comedian and actor Kelsey Grammer has listed an English Country-style estate in Malibu’s Serra Retreat for $US19.9 million, having bought the property with his wife Camille […]

The world’s top celebrity owned resorts

What do Robert Redford, Clint Eastwood, and Francis Ford Coppola have in common besides directing? They are all hoteliers. Web site has come up with a list of the world’s top nine celebrity-owned resorts where the celebrities lay out the red carpet. 1. Robert Redford’s eco-conscious Sundance Resort, North Fork Provo Canyon, Provo, Utah […]

Hollywood celebrity mansions

Celebrity Mansions: A Bird’s Eye View

Take a tour aboard this chopper and view the mansions of such stars as John Travolta, Shaq O’Neill, Tiger Woods and more.

The Malibu Home of Sting

Purchased from Larry Hagman (of JR Ewing of Dallas fame), Sting and his wife Trudie Styler’s home in Malibu, California is 5,549 sq ft and has five bedrooms and bathrooms. Simon Turner FYI: See related articles on Homes of the Rich & Famous; or Celebrity Homes; or America

Borderline: Madonna Knows What She’s Doing This Time

When is enough really enough? Is fame really enough to say that open season is declared? How much is truly enough? The fun of being a celebrity is knowing when to act, when to cease and when to move to a different place. At times this would not be fun and the intrusion that is […]

The Atlantis Hotel: The Most Expensive Launch Party

A spectacular light show was put on at the unveiling of the new $1.5bn marine-themed Atlantis resort built off the Gulf Coast of Dubai on Palm Jumeirah, an artificial island in the shape of a palm tree. A host of international stars including pop diva Kylie Minogue, who was paid a reported $US4 million for […]

The Chicago Home of the Obama’s: Next Stop the White House?

It may not be too long until Barack Obama and his family call the White House in Washington their home. Until then, however, they’ll be making do with their property in Greenwood Avenue, Chicago, Illinois which was purchased in 2005 for $US1.65 million. Simon Turner FYI: More articles on Barrack Obama, the US Presidential Race, […]

The Price For Power & Fame

Being in the United States you just have to wonder why some people choose to be in the public eye? Is it the power? Is it the celebrity or is it the wealth? I can’t begin to answer that question but when looking at Michael Bloomberg with his own TV channel and of course a […]

Hide Your Personals! Protecting your privacy when selling your home!

Putting your property on the market poses two very personal concerns: invasion of privacy: that your personal life will be on show; theft: your personal effects are prey to any “prospective” buyers De-clutter your property before placing it on the market for sale: this is my first tip of advice for those vendors concerned with […]