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China compared to the United States – Just How Big Is It?

China has just cut interest rates by 27 basis points as they react to the global slowdown. Consumers worldwide are keeping purses in their handbags and with China’s two largest trading partners, Japan and the United States in economic decline, China is indeed feeling the effect. There has been a lot of talk about China’s […]

The Manchurian Candidate: Chinese Property Market Stimulated

China has unveiled a stimulus package intended to boost its slumping real estate market. It has slashed taxes for second-hand apartment sales to help owners selling their homes. This means that anyone who has owned a home for at least two years can now sell it without having to pay a tax on the total […]

The World’s Top 10 Millionaire Households

Even during these tough times, there are more millionaire households in the world than at any other time, with the growth highest in China and Europe. The total number of millionaire households in the world (ie. those with assets of $US1 million or more) now stands at 9.6 million. This represents only 0.7% of all […]

Cheaper to Fly? The World’s Most Expensive Cities to Park Your Car

Experts suggest that the price of parking your car is, in general, inversely proportionate to the amount of office space available.* Therefore, due to a relative glut in commercial office space in Australian cities, we have some of the highest parking rates in the world! Monthly Parking Rates (all in US Dollars) London City, UK           […]

Who’s in Recession?

The news is moving more quickly than I can keep up with. I have just arrived back to the office after running my dogs and CNN announced that Germany is in recession. So when we look at the world’s largest five economies, three are in recession, the United States is all but in recession and […]

America The Brave: Good Luck President-Elect Obama

In a world where the barriers of Nation States are barely barriers and the society and economies are global in every way, the victory of President-Elect Obama has caused excitement throughout the world that is similar to the fall of the Soviet Union and the bringing down of the Berlin Wall. It has been a […]

Reserve Bank has blood on its hands – We must have further interest rate cuts – NOW!

Part 1 of a 2 Part Report (read Part 1) Yesterday’s rate cut of 75 basis points 0.75%) was the right decision by the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA). Fifty points (0.5%) definitely would not have been enough after the release of some of the worst economic data in many years. I had predicted in […]

Billionaires Under 30 years old: Do you need a loan?

It is amazing to consider that there are 6 people under the age of 30 who are billionaires in the world. Surprisingly they are spread around the globe – In the USA, Europe, China and The Middle East. The best known to most people is Mark Zuckerberg – the creator of Facebook. The inspiring thing […]

“The Real State” by Simon Turner: How Safe are Houses?

The global market’s erratic performance over the last week has certainly called into question the financial strategies of many (including, it could be said, of the hapless President George W Bush). Regardless of whether one agrees or not in principle or practice with the Federal bailout in the United States, we should at least begin […]

Luxury property in Asia weathering the global storm

The luxury property market, particularly in luxury resorts is shining in Asia. In Asia there is little mortgage market in luxury resort property, with all transactions generally occurring in hard currency. This of course adds a certain resilience to the market, together with the fact that there is a lack of high quality managed homes […]

The 6 main influences of house prices

Learning to know what are the root causes of property price fluctuations can be challenging for any investor. What do the statistics really mean? Do they represent the factors that change prices in the property market? There are some well-recognised factors that drive the market and, whilst not a science, by paying attention to them […]

Asian Expats Vote For The World’s Most Liveable Cities

Asian expatriates have ranked Singapore as the best place to live in the world for its safe and clean environment, while Europeans chose Copenhagen, a survey showed on Tuesday. Asian expats chose Singapore over Hong Kong (15th place) and Shanghai (78th place) and placed Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra as well as two Japanese cities Kobe […]

Australia’s Property Scandal: Town Planner Seeking "Approvals"

A sex-and-property scandal involving a female city planner on a “mission for sex” in return for approvals of high-rise buildings is threatening to engulf the beluigered New South Wales State Government. An undercover sting by anti-corruption investigators uncovered a web of affairs involving 32-year-old town planner Beth Morgan in the steel-and-surfing city of Wollongong, south […]

SYDNEY Events: Catch Them If You Can

Australian Chamber OrchestraFebruary 9th-March 19th 2008In a busy 2008 schedule that will include trips to Europe and Asia, the Australian Chamber Orchestra comes to Sydney as the city wakes up after the summer holidays. Australia’s leading chamber-music ensemble kicks off the year with two programmes at the Sydney Opera House and the City Recital Hall […]

A Little Inflation Is Like Being a Little Bit Pregnant

HAVING a little bit of inflation is like being a little bit pregnant. Is that old adage worth bearing in mind as consumer prices across the globe accelerate? Marquette Turner takes a look at what’s going on. According to an index produced by Goldman Sachs, global inflation was 4.8% in the year to November, two […]

The Global Correction: What’s Going On?

Global markets have taken a battering over the last week, and Australia certainly has not been immune. We are increasingly appreciating that the air of immunity that has hung over us for over a decade has been somewhat intoxicating. Australian shares are now down more than 14 % from their recent peak in November. Another […]

Karōshi: Death from Overwork

Karōshi (過労死), which can be translated quite literally from Japanese as “death from overwork”, is occupational sudden death. The major medical causes of karōshi deaths are heart attack and stroke due to stress. The first case of karōshi was reported in 1969 with the death from a stroke of a 29-year-old male worker in the […]

Where The Smart Money Will Go in 2008

With so much happening around both Australia and the world – wars, sub-prime financial crisis, changing governments, assassinations and very unforgiving stock market investors, where is the hot money tipped to go? On the domestic front we have just come through to our 17th year of consecutive growth. We defied the Asian economic crisis and […]

Regional NSW in Crisis

Regional NSW is in desperate need of attention and fast. For decades Sydney has been the focus of both Federal and State Governments with regional cities like Newcastle largely ignored by both sides of politics as it has always provided a safe haven for Labor. Therefore Labor has seen no need to campaign strongly and […]