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Design Miami: The Gold and Diamond Chandelier

Encrusted with 220 carats of diamonds, the Gold & Diamond Chandelier has been created by London-based jewelry designer Solange Azagury-Partridge. It is made from delicate links suspended in arcs to form a pear shape that ends in a sharp point, reminiscent of the central medallions of ancient Persian rugs. The Chandelier is 18 caret white […]

"Give your room a makeover" using online service Design My Room

“Give your room a makeover” is the proclaimed purpose of Design My Room, which launched into beta in August. The site lets users test out interior designs either on sample rooms provided by the site, or by uploading a photo of the real room they have in mind. They can paint, furnish and decorate the […]

X-Sense Swarovski Crystal Bathroom Faucets

An excess or refined luxury? The X-Sense limited edition faucets from Newform have been produced with Swarovski crystals embedded. Simon Turner FYI: Read related articles on bathrooms; or interior design; or luxury furniture

The Big Red Phone Box Collection

Artist Finn Stone (notice the subtle name on the top of the box) has used former English telephone boxes as the basis of his latest collection. The Lamp is eight feet tall and costs a cool $6,498 USD. Here’s the chair: Also to come is the sofa and the bath tub! Simon Turner FYI: Read […]

Customise Your Own Luxury Bathtub

Gruppo Treesse gives you a chance to order a custom bathtub. The default designs are simple and provide an excellent canvas that allows you to customize at your whim. The Epoca, Epoca Egg, Nina, and New Classic Young designs allow touches such as Swarovski crystals, decorative designs, capitonne upholstery, all of which will seriously add […]

The WOW FACTOR: What Luxury Buyers are Looking For

The news is full of negative stories relating to the increasing cost of borrowing and fears about real estate values, as well as fears of their money being placed in anything other than a “mattress” account! Therefore, now more than ever it is a home’s “WOW FACTOR” than can lead to a sale, and indeed […]

The Midas Touch: Gold Covered Living Room Furniture

Designer Philip Plein clearly has the Midas Touch. He has created a living room set using several forms of gold – such as gold-plating, solid gold, or simply a manufactured shade. Plein’s set comprises of a royal nest with a sofa, a coffee table, an arm chair, a side table, lampshades, and cushions. Whether it […]

Simple ideas to start a part-time business

Ideas cost nothing, so here’s a few to hopefully give you a jolt into helping you find your niche: Personal services. Can you save someone else time? Running errands for seniors, preparing someone’s tax returns or walking your neighbors’ dogs are examples of valuable services to offer. Gardening and landscaping. Consider the growing garden trade. […]

The Hidden Spells of Smells

Aromas affect us on a subliminal level – which is one reason we often underestimate their power. But thanks to a mix of ancient knowledge, recent research and new technology, change is in the air. Smell after all has a mysterious ability to plug straight into our memories and emotions – and their discoveries look […]

The arrival of the luxurious Qantas A380 aircraft

On Sunday 21 September, Australian airline Qantas, will welcome to Australia the first of 20 of its luxurious A380 aircraft, having flown via Singapore from the Airbus factory in Toulouse, France. Affectionately referred to as the Super Jumbo, the aircraft will be welcomed into the Qantas fleet at a ceremony in Sydney which Simon Turner, […]

Australia’s most expensive apartment SOLD in Potts Point

Potts Point in Sydney has achieved Australia’s record apartment price with a $20 million penthouse sale. An undisclosed “prominent Sydney businessman” bought the apartment off-the-plan after Sydney City Council approved the development on Monday. The two-level penthouse, with views across Woolloomooloo Bay towards the central business district, Sydney Harbour and the Opera House, will have […]

The Louvre – Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

We’re not ones to bring you too much overseas architecture, but one something outstandingly notable comes along we’ll bring it to your attention. This is the interior of the Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum, designed by French architect Jean Nouvel. Nouvel has been awarded the 2008 Pritzker Prize, the highest honor for architecture, for his creative […]

The world’s first $2billion home

Mukesh Ambani, head of India-based petrochemical giant Reliance Industries, and the fifth richest man in the world, is having a 27 floor skyscraper home built in Mumbai for approximately $2 billion. Forbes estimated Ambani’s net worth at $43 billion in March. Reliance Industries was founded by Mukesh’s father, Dhirubhai Ambani, in 1966, and is India’s […]

How to Easily Update an Old Brown Kitchen

Q: What colours would suit a kitchen/family area/laundry upgrade to a home 30 odd years old with quite a bit of dark brown feature brickwork internally at present. A: A coat of paint is probably the least expensive way to revive your interior. Colours should be neutral, elegant and if you have trouble capturing much […]

The Zero Energy Tower

Burj Al-Taqa: Middle Eastern Zero-energy Tower The recent building boom in the Middle East has given rise to some of the world’s most extravagant and innovative buildings. The latest proposed tower to sprout up among the ever-changing skyline is the Burj Al-Taqa Energy Tower for the Middle East. Designed by Eckhard Gerber and cutting a […]