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Fantastic investment opportunity in Woollahra

This larger than life terrace in Woollahra is close to Bondi Junction, this impeccably presented home is for sale for just $1.2million. To see more of 40 Adelaide Street, Woollahra on the web, simply click on the link. See other properties to buy from Marquette Turner Luxury Homes. For more information contact Michael Marquette on […]

Luxury Homes: Hope Island, Sanctuary Cove

Three stunning homes, three vacant blocks of land, and a water front parcel of land have just been listed by Marquette Turner Luxury Homes on Hope Island at Queensland’s Sanctuary Cove. Sanctuary Cove is Australia’s leading lifestyle community offering wonderful facilities and 24 hour active land and water security. Sanctuary Cove has Foreign Investment Review […]

If A Deal Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Overseas property still remain enthusiastic when the right investment is presented to them, as the results of a campaign of 14,000 investors displayed when questioned on the subject of “Irresistible deals”. investors were presented with the opportunity to acquire an apartment in Paris with a nine year rental guarantee, taxes paid by the government, 100% […]

The Future of Newcastle – Thanks to GPT

After years (at least 20 – maybe even 30) the money to revitalize the city of Newcastle is on the way. After the Newcastle Earthquake in 1989 there were as expected – losers and winners. Hamilton did well although the movement of shops into shopping malls outside the city in the suburbs didn’t assist the […]

How to Survive the Sale Process – What you must know!

Times are difficult – sale volumes are down and the process of selling your home is taking longer than it has for years. Today we have heard that Australia may be heading toward a recession – the first in 18 years! The US Federal Reserve has cut official interest rates by 0.5%, the Japanese Government […]

“The Real State” by Simon Turner: How Safe are Houses?

The global market’s erratic performance over the last week has certainly called into question the financial strategies of many (including, it could be said, of the hapless President George W Bush). Regardless of whether one agrees or not in principle or practice with the Federal bailout in the United States, we should at least begin […]

Tax tips for property investors

With the current tightening of the property market and increases in the cost of living it has never been more important to take full advantage of any eligible tax deductions available. When it comes to property investors, it pays to have all of your deductions accounted for. We have developed a list of tax tips […]

GO Zone: Overseas investors incentivised to invest in the USA

Following Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005, the US Congress passed the Gulf Opportunity Zone Act, or GO Zone Act. The Act provides special tax incentives to spur rebuilding in the hurricane-damaged areas of Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama along the Gulf of Mexico coastline. The GO Zone Act offers several tax benefits to properties built […]

The 6 main influences of house prices

Learning to know what are the root causes of property price fluctuations can be challenging for any investor. What do the statistics really mean? Do they represent the factors that change prices in the property market? There are some well-recognised factors that drive the market and, whilst not a science, by paying attention to them […]

The (Lack of) Housing Affordability Conference

The federal opposition has called on federal and state governments to cut land tax and stamp duty to help boost rental stock. Thousands of people across the country are skipping meals to pay rising rents, a housing affordability conference in Sydney heard on Thursday. And housing experts warn the home affordability crisis threatens to destabilise […]

Buy Low to Make Big: How To Find a Bargain

Finding a bargain property, one that is being sold well-below its worth or potential worth, is not as easy as riding a bike or watching T.V. Not that it is that difficult either, but the task of getting a good deal on an investment property can at times be cumbersome. In the brief list below, […]

Should I Borrow the Entire Purchase Amount PLUS Costs?

If you are considering buying a property and are tempted to borrow the entire purchase price, as well as enough to cover all the other outgoings such as stamp duty and conveyancing, Marquette Turner will always advise you to err on the side of caution, as enticing the opportunity may seem to be. As is […]