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The W New York Downtown: Fuel To The Big Apple’s Fire

The US Dollar is gaining strength, however, international real estate buyers are still important, even though their purchasing activity has decreased by 30-50 per cent since June 2008. So where does the strength still reside? New developments. The W New York is a great example. The W NY Downtown Hotel & Residence, the has seen […]

And The Award Goes To…

At the end of 2008, Marquette Turner launched an international competition with 99designs to find a design to commemorate our company’s winning of the title of The World’s Most Outstanding Luxury Agency Under 2 Years Old by the Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate. An exceptional number of quality of designs were entered from designers […]


Every week, Marquette Turner releases its e-magazine, containing highlights from the most popular MTLH articles, as well as other news and views. Simply select the date below to view the e-magazine that interests you: You can of course subscribe at any time to receive the latest e-mag. ****************************** 19th December 2008 – the Final 2008 issue […]

The Latest MTLH e-magazine

THIS WEEK’S ARTICLES: Rainforest Living in Queensland; Raffles Residences Manila; Swarovski Bathroom Faucets; Chinese Property Taxes; US interest rates; Australian Banks on the Assault; The Malibu Home of Sting; The Rotating Bath Tub; The W New York… We bring you the last installment for 2008 of our look at luxury property, design and concepts from […]

The World’s Most Expensive Car Spaces

Should you ever live in one of the condominiums at 246 West 17th Street, New York AND you need somewhere to park your car, you would need to have somewhere in the vicinity of $225,000.00 for the privilege.

If A Deal Sounds Too Good To Be True…

Overseas property still remain enthusiastic when the right investment is presented to them, as the results of a campaign of 14,000 investors displayed when questioned on the subject of “Irresistible deals”. investors were presented with the opportunity to acquire an apartment in Paris with a nine year rental guarantee, taxes paid by the government, 100% […]

The World’s Most Exclusive Private Club

Ever fancy owning your personal New York three-bedroom apartment? Your own luxury villa in St. Barth’s? Now, via Solstice, the international private destination club with a collection of ultra-luxury, staffed vacation homes around the globe, the unimaginable becomes possible. The Solstice Club model is a direct response to today’s economic environment. For less than a […]

Where The Clinton’s Lay Their Hat

Hillary Clinton appears ready to accept President-Elect Barack Obama’s offer to be US Secretary of State in his Administration once he takes office on January 20th, 2009. By giving up her New York Senate seat where she has carved out a respected position, she will become the face of US diplomacy overseas and the third […]

Cheaper to Fly? The World’s Most Expensive Cities to Park Your Car

Experts suggest that the price of parking your car is, in general, inversely proportionate to the amount of office space available.* Therefore, due to a relative glut in commercial office space in Australian cities, we have some of the highest parking rates in the world! Monthly Parking Rates (all in US Dollars) London City, UK           […]

Multi-Storey, Over-Water Villas

A little-known island, 130,000-square-meter island called Nurai, located northeast of Abu Dhabi, is the site of an amazing new residential resort. Consisting of one boutique hotel resort with 60 suites, 31 beachfront estates and 36 water villas, the project is a partnership between New York based Dror Benshetrit and the Paris-based firm AW2. The multi-story […]

Proposition 8 – Overcome Our Differences

There is nothing worse than hearing that minority groups are working or fighting against each other. Proposition 8 has certainly been one of those issues that seems to have pitted minority groups against each other which personally makes me feel very sad. I’m sad for many reasons. Firstly minority groups generally have prejudice to overcome […]

Material Girl: The Properties at Stake in Madonna’s Divorce

Madonna’s impending divorce from British Director, Guy Ritchie, is making many headlines not least for the amount property at stake. You could say that Madonna is a real estate mogul with an amazing array of properties in London, New York and Beverley Hills. There is much speculation as to which properties from the portfolio will […]

The Latest MTLH e-magazine: Nov 3, 2008

Lewis Hamilton has just won the Formula 1 Grand Prix Championship in Brazil, becoming the youngest and the first black winner of arguably one of the pinnacle titles in sport.  British runner Paula Radcliffe has just won the New York Marathon for the third time, and with an amazing comeback story.  Which of these stories […]

White Houses

In New York City, a buyer has purchased a 1022 square metre, Richard Meier designed apartment for $US33 million, after a $US7 million price reduction. Meier became a prominent architectural figure after his commission of the Getty Center in Los Angeles, and was in 1984 awarded the Pritzker Prize. His work is clearly defined by […]

The Latest MTLH e-magazine

A week is a long time in life – the news is good, then it’s bad, the market is up and then it’s down. Our trip around the world over the last couple of weeks has taken us to Philadelphia, New York, Los Angeles, London, Dublin and San Fransisco.  Back in Sydney it’s so clear […]

The Price For Power & Fame

Being in the United States you just have to wonder why some people choose to be in the public eye? Is it the power? Is it the celebrity or is it the wealth? I can’t begin to answer that question but when looking at Michael Bloomberg with his own TV channel and of course a […]

The Latest Issue of the MTLH e-magazine

The October 17, 2008 edition of the MTLH e-magazine, coming to you this week from New York City, can be viewed right now. The amazing reach of the internet has never been more evident than right now – two young Australian’s have just won a global, luxury award and Barack Obama, having just eloquently seen […]

Read the Latest Release of the MTLH e-magazine

The latest release of the popular MTLH e-magazine, highlighting popular articles from the MTLH blog is now available for you to view online We’ve seen financial dramas of historic proportions in the last week, but within the chaos there is much opportunity.  Marquette Turner Luxury Home’s articles seek to put the issues in perspective, and […]

The Dow Jones Recovers after Massive Fall

This morning the Dow Jones plummeted by more than 800 points before recovering and is currently trading in positive territory. Commentators on CNN, Bloomberg and Fox have been touting what would happen if the Dow were to drop to 7479 which would result in trading being halted for 30 minutes. The enormous recovery has excited […]

The world’s most prestigious real estate site, the luxury real estate website of the prestigious “Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate” has been named as the world’s most prestigious real estate website by high-net-worth consumers in the 2008 Luxury Brand Status Index survey. The survey was conducted by the Luxury Institute, an independent research company in New York City. John Brian […]