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Simon Turner’s “The Real State”: Aiding The Bubble Will Just Aid The Burst

Keeping up with the ever-changing commentary and realities of the Australian and worldwide economy (which don’t necessarily work in-congruence) can be pretty daunting. Whilst no economist myself, I nonetheless happily offer my opinion on “the real state” of play as I see them. There have been a number of moves taken by Kevin Rudd of […]

Marquette Turner’s “Real Estate Radar”

Marquette Turner’s real estate radar® hones-in on property news to keep your finger on the pulse, and with interest rate cuts on the cards, our news couldn’t be more timely! A report conducted by the Real Estate Institute of Australia in June 2008 has showed that housing affordability has fallen across every Australian State and […]

Do your homework and save on your homeloan

The perfect home loan could save you thousands of dollars, be used to create significant personal wealth, or have you owning your home sooner. The first step in finding the perfect loan is, however, preparation. The first thing is to do your homework and decide what sort of loan is suitable for you because you’re […]

Tax tips for property investors

With the current tightening of the property market and increases in the cost of living it has never been more important to take full advantage of any eligible tax deductions available. When it comes to property investors, it pays to have all of your deductions accounted for. We have developed a list of tax tips […]

If interest rates rise by another 1%…

A recent survey has found 47% of property investors and one third of homeowners could be forced to sell up if interest rates increase by 1%. This is certainly worrying news for many Australians, at a time when ANZ have predicted interest rates will rise by 0.5% before the end of 2008, with the bank […]

Mortgage Assistance Scheme (NSW)

The Mortgage Assistance Scheme provides short-term help for people in NSW experiencing temporary difficulties with their home loan repayments because of an unavoidable change in circumstances. This may include unemployment, accident, illness or other crisis. The assistance is paid directly to the home lender to take the stress off families. The NSW Government has announced […]

Australian home buyers remain nervous

NERVOUS home buyers have not been reassured by Reserve Bank signals that interest rates will remain on hold, with auction clearance rates remaining low throughout the country over the past weekend (12-13 April). With mortgage rates rising so rapidly in the last few months, buyer sentiment in the property market has taken a battering, and […]

Feeling the financial pinch? Pack your lunch & save your home!

No matter how the financial pinch is hurting you, a pinch is a pinch and the Marquette Turner team know that you’d rather not face it. Or at the very least, minimising the pain can only help. Thus, we’ve put together 7 ways to help save your home, or even your sanity. They may be […]

Exposed: if it sounds too good to be true…real estate sharks

Home owners experiencing mortgage stress should be wary of a new breed of online entrepreneurs who are offering quick money for homes. For instance, Express Homebuyers, advertises on its website for houses where owners are behind in repayments, facing repossession, or need debt relief. It offers online quotes and promises owners the sales take “days, […]

10 Tips to Avoid Mortgage Foreclosure

Here are 10 tips to avoid defaulting on your mortgage, and ultimately preventing repossession and foreclosure. 1. Don’t ignore the problem. The further behind you become, the harder it will be to reinstate your loan and the more likely that you will lose your home. If you are behind on your mortgage payments or have […]

Australian’s say goodbye to half their income

Three quarters of Australians are worried about their ability to pay their bills, as inflation remains at elevated levels, a survey by a consumer credit check company shows. A phone poll commissioned by Veda Advantage showed that 75 per cent of respondents had debt repayment anxiety. Price rises were a concern for 55 per cent […]

Howeowners Becoming Prey For Some Real Estate Agents

There are concerns that some unscrupulous agents are cashing in as homeowners sell up for less than market value. Federal and New South Wales politicians are calling for an inquiry into online real estate agents who offer quick house sales to people who can no longer pay their mortgages. It is feared the agents are […]

Is Property A Safe Haven Whilst The Stock Market Is Stormy?

As the stock market slumps into what is now technically a bear market, investor attention turns towards safe havens, particularly Australian residential property. Historically, as sharemarkets fall, investors head towards bricks and mortar. This time around though, as stocks are falling, the latest property data indicates a further tightening of already chronically low rental stocks […]

The Labor of Living: Fear of Losing Homes Drove ALP Win

VOTERS in electorates recording the highest rates of home repossessions voted more strongly for Labor than areas not facing the same home-loan pressures, according to figures on the influence mortgage stress had on the federal election result. The data offers the first firm evidence that mortgage stress and six interest rate rises were a key […]

Bleak House

It is widely known that houses prices in Australia, particularly Sydney are becoming increasingly unaffordable to an increasing number of the population. Higher interest rates have begun to limit the extent to which demand for housing can be financed. Rates have risen six times in just a short space of time. Given that household debt […]

Australia’s Mortgage Blackspots

NSW home owners are the most stressed, and WA by far the least, according to a new study by Fitch Ratings, with home owners in south-west Sydney are by far the most likely in the country to miss more than one mortgage payment. The Sydney suburb of Guildford topped the list, with 5.65% of mortgagees […]

Housing Affordability Worst in 22 Years

Home affordability lowest in 22 yearsAUSTRALIANS looking to buy homes are needing the highest portion of family income in 22 years to make average mortgage repayments, according to the Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA). The Deposit Power/REIA Affordability report for the September quarter found 36.6 per cent of household income was needed to cover […]