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I Have A Dream: NSW Stamp Duty Slashed

Over the last month or so I have had numerous discussions with people from all around the world about the level of Stamp Duty we pay in Australia on property transactions. In my opinion it acts as a huge disincentive for people to transact and puts additional and unnecessary barriers in place for buyers and […]

Reserve Bank has blood on its hands – We must have further interest rate cuts – NOW!

Continued: Part 2 of a 2 Part Report The massive decrease in housing sales volumes has decimated State Government budgets as they lose hundreds of millions of dollars in would be stamp duty revenue. The flow on effect through to builders, other trades people, real estate agents and so many others throughout the economy is […]

First home buyers not deterred

First home buyers continue to dive into the housing market, despite an affordability crisis gripping much of NSW. New figures show that the numbers of first home buyers have grown by more than 12% per annum for the last four years, with most choosing Sydney’s South-West and Western suburbs. The Real Estate Institute of Australia’s […]

Tax tips for property investors

With the current tightening of the property market and increases in the cost of living it has never been more important to take full advantage of any eligible tax deductions available. When it comes to property investors, it pays to have all of your deductions accounted for. We have developed a list of tax tips […]

CAUTION: Property investors should be wary of the Federal Government’s initiatives

Like it or not, it’s happening – the trend away from home ownership towards long-term renting is gathering pace. So with the first Rudd/Swan budget under our belt, how will the trend play out and what are the implications for property investors? At present we have unprecedented levels of tax-free lump sum grants available to […]

How to be a (successful) property developer

BECOMING a property developer can be as simple as buying a block of land and slapping a house on it or buying an existing house, knocking it down and building a new one. However, becoming a successful property developer is a different story. It requires time, research, patience, and a willingness to take calculated risks. […]

Interest in Renno’s Rising

SYDNEY’S home owners have shrugged off rising interest rates and started renovating again, with the value of renovations and additions increasing for the first time in 18 months. But the jump in renovations came amid a slump in overall building late last year, sparking speculation that interest rate rises were starting to bite into economic […]

The (Lack of) Housing Affordability Conference

The federal opposition has called on federal and state governments to cut land tax and stamp duty to help boost rental stock. Thousands of people across the country are skipping meals to pay rising rents, a housing affordability conference in Sydney heard on Thursday. And housing experts warn the home affordability crisis threatens to destabilise […]

Property Vs Shares: And The Winner Is…?

I was talking to a friend in the last week who has just purchased a great 1 bedroom apartment in Surry Hills. I visited him there just after he moved in and while showing me around asked the BIG question – which is a better investment for me, shares or property? The question took me […]

Should I Borrow the Entire Purchase Amount PLUS Costs?

If you are considering buying a property and are tempted to borrow the entire purchase price, as well as enough to cover all the other outgoings such as stamp duty and conveyancing, Marquette Turner will always advise you to err on the side of caution, as enticing the opportunity may seem to be. As is […]