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Knowledge is wealth: how a little can lead to a lot

With economic times toughening, there couldn’t be a more vital time to take a few minutes each week to keep up to date with the property market, see what’s moving & shaking, what’s good buying & what’s not. The team at Marquette Turner Luxury Homes hope that by giving you insights each week, these pieces […]

Aussie Grabs Wizard At The Eleventh Hour

The battle to take control of Wizard Home Loans, as reported a few weeks ago by Marquette Turner, is over. Despite expectations that National Australia Bank would take control of the brand and franchise network, the race has been won by Aussie Home Loans. GE Money has offloaded its Australia and New Zealand mortgage offshoot […]

Mopping Up The Mortgage Brokers: Australia’s Banks On The Assault

After losing their market share to mortgage brokers during the real estate boom years in the earlier years of this decade, Australia’s banks are on the offensive. First off the market his year was Westpac which acquired the RAMS Home Loans brand, followed by the Commonwealth Bank which acquired a stake in Aussie Home Loans […]

London Luxury Home Prices Continue To Fall

The world’s most expensive location for prime real estate behind Monaco, Central London has seen luxury home values fall for an eighth month. Such locales include Mayfair, St John’s Wood, Regent’s Park, Kensington, Notting Hill, Chelsea, Knightsbridge, Belgravia and the South Bank neighborhoods of London. As recently reported by Bloomberg, in November the approximate average […]

The Palace of the Sultan of Brunei

Continuing Marquette Turner’s theme of questioning what “Luxury is”, for this article we feature the largest Palace of the Sultan of Brunei. The largest of the Sultan of Brunei’s four palaces, Istana Nurul Iman, is indisputably the world’s largest residential and administrative palace currently in use. The palace is used for all State functions. It […]

The World’s Top 10 Millionaire Households

Even during these tough times, there are more millionaire households in the world than at any other time, with the growth highest in China and Europe. The total number of millionaire households in the world (ie. those with assets of $US1 million or more) now stands at 9.6 million. This represents only 0.7% of all […]

America The Brave: Good Luck President-Elect Obama

In a world where the barriers of Nation States are barely barriers and the society and economies are global in every way, the victory of President-Elect Obama has caused excitement throughout the world that is similar to the fall of the Soviet Union and the bringing down of the Berlin Wall. It has been a […]

Obama, “The Socialist”? It Is Time For Change

It’s almost impossible to ignore the fact that the US election is just one day away (Sydney time). The need for change of any sort is more apparent than ever and the change is needed for both domestic and international reasons. I have many friends and colleagues in the United States and they are some […]

What Russian Real Estate Buyers Are Looking For

Russians are investing heavily in overseas property, and even though the Russian stock market continues to suffer (and there will approximately 50% less billionaires in Russia this time next year), there are ongoing reasons for wealthy Russians to search for prestigious properties to buy as a long-term investment. The experience of Marquette Turner Luxury Homes […]

The Price For Power & Fame

Being in the United States you just have to wonder why some people choose to be in the public eye? Is it the power? Is it the celebrity or is it the wealth? I can’t begin to answer that question but when looking at Michael Bloomberg with his own TV channel and of course a […]

Australia is Ranked Number 1 in the World!

Australia has topped an index of the world’s most prosperous nations, with economic stability and high quality of life putting it over the edge. The index, produced by Dubai-based investment group Legatum, measured 104 nations against levels of wealth, quality of life, and life satisfaction. Australia tops the list, with Austria and Finland rounding out […]

The US Election, Property Pricing & Interest Rates

As part of our experience in the United States on this occasion both Simon and I found ourselves in the middle of a massive political rally in Philadelphia. With the Presidential Election only a few weeks away campaigning is in full swing throughout the country and some States have even started voting – although the […]

Billionaires Under 30 years old: Do you need a loan?

It is amazing to consider that there are 6 people under the age of 30 who are billionaires in the world. Surprisingly they are spread around the globe – In the USA, Europe, China and The Middle East. The best known to most people is Mark Zuckerberg – the creator of Facebook. The inspiring thing […]

Hand-in-Hand: Encouraging Equal Rights will Stimulate Economic Success

There is no doubt that difficult economic times can encourage discussions on a number of topics. Such discussions should be about improving the quality of people’s lives by promoting two mutually beneficial factors: Encouraging fundamental human rights and freedoms Encouraging financial success and overall wealth Both are achievable when both are actively promoted as harmonious. […]

The Richest 5 People in the World…For Now: A Call To All Australian Entrepreneurs

The world is changing fast. The credit crunch has hit, stocks have plummeted and wealth has been redistributed to where? India!  It’s a global competition and Australians have every opportunity to punch with the very best of them. Out of the 5 wealthiest people in the world, 2 are from India. It is a changing […]

Warren Buffett: Handling Tough Times

In a time where debt is catching up with companies and individuals alike it is important to look at those who have led the way: what have they done to amass their wealth and importantly what have they avoided doing?   With banks and countries collapsing (Iceland is teetering the brink of bankruptcy), Japan is […]

Australian Banks Quickly Respond to Rate Cut

Michael Marquette: In what can only be described as a momentus day for Australian real estate, most of the country’s largest lenders have already chosen to pass on the majority of the 1% interest rate cut to borrowers. The Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac have reduced their variable rate by 0.8% of the […]

The world’s most prestigious real estate site, the luxury real estate website of the prestigious “Who’s Who in Luxury Real Estate” has been named as the world’s most prestigious real estate website by high-net-worth consumers in the 2008 Luxury Brand Status Index survey. The survey was conducted by the Luxury Institute, an independent research company in New York City. John Brian […]

The “Chrisco hamper” founder’s NZ haven is up for sale

The big question is, if you put money away into a Chrisco account every week, how many Christmas’ would you need to go without a Chrisco hamper before you could afford is founders New Zealand mansion? The answer is: a lot! With a build-price touted in excess of $30million, what kind of hampers would you […]

How to cope with financial stress

A symptom of “financial stress” is the inability to raise a moderate sum of money to deal with an emergency of the kind created by the need to pay an unexpected bill.   The actual emotional turmoil in reality is often far less clear cut. Over the past decade we have been encouraged to spend rather than […]