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19th December 2008 – the Final 2008 issue

Luxury Home: Rainforest, State of the Art Living; The Malibu Home of Sting; Dubai Goes Out Of This World; “Raffles” Manila; Swarovski Crystal Bathroom Faucets; US Interest Rates Almost Next to Nothing; Mansion Minding; The Manchurian Candidate; Mopping Up The Mortgage Brokers; and The W New York.

11th December 2008 – the Nobel Peace Prize issue

The Homes of Elizabeth Taylor; The Blind Leading The Blind? Recyclable Homes; London Luxury Home Prices Continue To Fall; The Big Red Phone Box Collection; The Great Australian Tax Grab; Luxury Homes in Hope Island, Sanctuary Cove; Design Miami; and The Oldest Manor House in North America.

5th December 2008 – the World AIDS Week issue

The Palace of the Sultan of Brunei; 2009: Imagine What Could Happen; Luxury Homes: Award Winning Villas in Tuscany; The World’s Most Expensive Car Spaces; Rough Luxury; Even Property on Dubai’s Palm Island is Rocky; Australian Interest Rates at Historic Low; WISE GUY: Auction Clearance Rates – What They Really Show; Australia Will Likely Avoid Recession; and Baz Luhrman’s AUSTRALIA.

28th November 2008 – the Thanksgiving issue

Luxury is…; The World’s Top 10 Millionaire Household Nations; Luxury Homes: 15 Residences, Four Seasons; If A Deal Sounds Too Good To Be True; 7 Star Complexes; Investors Look Here; Pete Sampras Sells His Californian Home; The World’s Most Exclusive Private Club; WISE GUY “John McGrath, what planet are you on?”; The Future of Newcastle: Thanks GPT! and Where The Clinton’s Lay Their Hat.

22nd November 2008 – the Beckham issue

Luxury Sales in Sydney: What’s Truth & What’s Fiction?; The Beckham Effect; WISE GUY – Why does the Australian Dollar suddenly have so few friends?  Cheaper to Fly? Luxury Multi-Storey, Over-Water Villas; Newcastle: The forgotten city; Customise Your Own Luxury Bathtub; Growing Pains – Michael Jackson forced to sell Neverland; The 7 Deadly Sins: Greed; We Can See Russia! Luxury Home: Woollahra.

More previous issues to follow…