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An excess or refined luxury? The X-Sense limited edition faucets from Newform have been produced with Swarovski crystals embedded.

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Gruppo Treesse gives you a chance to order a custom bathtub. The default designs are simple and provide an excellent canvas that allows you to customize at your whim.

The Epoca, Epoca Egg, Nina, and New Classic Young designs allow touches such as Swarovski crystals, decorative designs, capitonne upholstery, all of which will seriously add an original and person touch.

Simon Turner

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‘The Cosmo’, is a hydro-bath that allows your mind and body to relax whilst jet’s massage you in front of your favourite television show.

Di Vapor has created this luxurious necessity with a 17″ touch-sensitive control panel that allows you to control both the spa and the TV. The nine bubble jets, seven hydro-jets, six back massage jets, underwater lights, and video input are amongst the many features of the Cosmo that can be yours for $US4500.

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For the lovers of luxury bathrooms this collection of sleek, leather skinned bathtubs have options of black metal, toffee metal and chocolate gold for the outer shell, with a choice of gloss or matt finishings.

The first image shows the Stone One collection with an approximate cost of $US16,146.

The second bathtub collection is the Neo Baroqu, with an approximate cost of $US13,196.

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These stunningly glamorous sinks are studded with Swarovski crystals and dressed in a royal porcelain coat.


The crystals come in a wide array of colors including pink, blue, turquoise, black and a prism of colours called aurora borealis.

And for those less into crystals, you can always opt for the pearl sinks.

Made by: Linkasink

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