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Australia has topped an index of the world’s most prosperous nations, with economic stability and high quality of life putting it over the edge.

The index, produced by Dubai-based investment group Legatum, measured 104 nations against levels of wealth, quality of life, and life satisfaction.

Australia tops the list, with Austria and Finland rounding out the top three. Legatum claims Australia reached first place in part due to its strong economic performance.

“(Australia) has reinvented itself as a wealthy, service-oriented economy with good scores on live-ability indicators, including health, charitable giving and effective governance,” the group says.

“Strong norms or civic participation, robust health, and plenty of leisure time contribute to the high live-ability ranking.”

Australia ranks highly in good governance, education, high incomes and active community culture, but ranks lower in avoiding dependency on exports, moderate climate and investment through competitive markets.

Germany, the United States and Singapore all ranked in the top 10, but Mali, Zambia and Yemen were dropped to the very bottom of the list. The new for Australians and those that are aware of just how good it is to be part of the great nation is confirmation of what we have all known for many years.

Michael Marquette

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