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Japanese company Toyo has created D-Land, a kitchen-dining area that is sleek and sophisticated. Raised above the floor, the units have a stainless-glassy finish, with clean cut lines, and dazzling Swarovski crystals encrusted handles. The Marquette Turner Luxury Homes team has not encountered a kitchen quite like it – yet!

Simon Turner

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This is a serious, serious bathtub. The first thing you’ll notice are the two waterproof HDTVs that pop up out of concealed side panels. There’s also an integrated Champagne holder, fully electronic controls (including automatic temperature hold), solid gold highlighting, and a whole bunch of Swarovski crystals leaded amorphous solids.

The best part is it has a comfortable seating for two. It has four color LED mood lighting, an “electric self extracting hand-held shower unit,” variable intensity whirlpool and airpool jets, a continuous automatic water disinfection system and a GSM module that lets you call the bathtub (!) and order up a bath with the temperature and water level of your choice from anywhere in the world.

These stunningly glamorous sinks are studded with Swarovski crystals and dressed in a royal porcelain coat.


The crystals come in a wide array of colors including pink, blue, turquoise, black and a prism of colours called aurora borealis.

And for those less into crystals, you can always opt for the pearl sinks.

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