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With news that Germany is now officially in recession, is the domino effect in full swing?  Can Australia resist – maybe, maybe not – hopefully New South Wales is not the trendsetter.  As the only Australian state in recession, the hapless State government has decided that the best way to stimulate growth and kick-start the economy is…wait for it…put up taxes and hit families and small businesses hard.  What planet are they on?

In this issue of our e-mag we’ve tried hard to balance the heavy and light-hearted to keep things running smoothly for you.  We haven’t sugar-coated the bad news, but we’ve made sure there’s some luxury and fun included.

It’s no secret that Barack Obama utilized the internet and social networking massively during his election campaign.  We note that Australia’s political leaders have taken this onboard too, meaning that as well as Facebook and MySpace, you can now follow Kevin Rudd on Twitter and also Liberal leader, Malcolm Turnbull.  See for yourself by clicking on the links, and don’t forget you can follow the Marquette Turner team too (see the bottom of this email for the links, and also more information).

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Michael Marquette & Simon Turner

“A government big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have” Thomas Jefferson

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Twitter has yet to catch on in a big way in Australia, and whilst I’d heard that its popularity in the United States equaled that of Facebook (a tool that I’m pretty comfortable with these days), I was curiously baffled and generally unclear as to:

  1. What it is;
  2. How to use it;
  3. Why it’s useful

Within about ten minutes, it all became clear (thanks to the very eloquent teachings of Mike McFadden of The Society during a few moments of free time).

It’s a social networking tool that allows you to keep you and your friends, family, colleagues and associates updated with what you’re doing, thinking and planning.

Just one informal sentence can easily keep you on track, be at the forefront of people’s minds (discretionary of course) and generally very much live in the present.

Furthermore, for any one that travels it has the prospect of being a god send. As I sit on the train to NYC I can already tell how it’s keeping those at home in Australia up-to-date with what’s going on despite being hemisphere’s apart, and for those that I’m meeting in NYC they know that our plans are on track.

Have a look at the Twitter website, and after just a few entries I’m sure you’ll find a place for it in your lives.

Simon Turner

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