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Barack Obama has changed the face of a nation by winning the US Presidential Race, and has already etched his name in history.  The mammoth task ahead of him should not be understated, but the boost of confidence that American’s and global citizens will take from his win should also not be underestimated.  Belief and hope can certainly contribute to positive change, and injections of both right now certainly can’t hurt.

Australian interest rates have been cut, as have those of Britain (by a whopping 1.5%) – clearly showing that there’s very few corners of the Earth that didn’t under-estimate the pace of the global economic slowdown.  And, having just returned from London where consumer sentiment is miserable, we all have a long way to go yet.  Right now, hope is a very attractive asset.

Always look on the bright side and stay as well informed as possible. Knowledge is the best currency right now.  We’re here to bankroll your brain: go the Nov 7 MTLH e-mag or browse through our blog.

Regards, Michael Marquette & Simon Turner

“If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything”

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The week ahead will be momentous for numerous reasons: The US Presidential Election will reach it’s crescendo, the Melbourne Cup will be run and the Reserve Bank will have, we suspect, reduced Australian interest rates further.

As I sit in the London sun – I kid you not – it’s worth remembering that no race is over ’til it’s over, and one must never misjudge the finish line.

Stay in the race by reading our 31 Oct 08 e-magazine, or browse through our blog.  Be ready…stay steady.

Simon Turner

The October 17, 2008 edition of the MTLH e-magazine, coming to you this week from New York City, can be viewed right now.

The amazing reach of the internet has never been more evident than right now – two young Australian’s have just won a global, luxury award and Barack Obama, having just eloquently seen off the challenge of John McCain in the 3rd Presidential Candidate Debate (incidentally, here in New York) and perhaps the clearest advocate of just what social networking and communication can do, is knocking on the door of Bush Jr’s  hangout on Pennsylvania Avenue (ie. The White House). That’s progress!

And in case you’re wondering, we can’t see Russia from here!

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Simon Turner

The latest release of the popular MTLH e-magazine, highlighting popular articles from the MTLH blog is now available for you to view online

We’ve seen financial dramas of historic proportions in the last week, but within the chaos there is much opportunity.  Marquette Turner Luxury Home’s articles seek to put the issues in perspective, and as ever we’re more than happy to let our feelings be known.

Both Michael Marquette and I are now in New York City eagerly anticipating next week’s Luxury Real Estate Awards in Philadelphia. Thus, this latest edition definitely shows a heavy interest in the going’s on in the US of A and the relevance to all of readers – Australian, American and the many more around the world – cannot be understated. Find out what’s happening, what’s interesting and what’s new: these are indeed curious times! Simon Turner

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Today we released our weekly e-magazine featuring the highlight’s of the past week’s blog articles and insights into the week ahead.

It’s been an enormously busy last couple of weeks for the team at Marquette Turner Luxury Homes. I spoke with the Australian Financial Review recently regarding the likelihood of Australian banks passing on any interest rate cuts from the RBA and I have expanded on my comments to them in my “View from the Bridge” blog.  Additionally, As Australia’s premier luxury agency  we have also listed almost $40 million of Luxury property in only the last 7 days, which may be a sign that vendors are deciding to list a little earlier for Spring this year which will give buyers plenty of choice.

Furthermore, we have almost completed upgrading our website and are proud to be one of the first in Australia to offer Google Street View for each of our property listings, as we continue to focus on our client’s evolving needs.

I hope you enjoy this weeks’ E-Magazine and our ever-popular blog .  Michael Marquette



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