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If you have a lovely garden that’s larger than life and if you are clueless as to what to decorate it with then here’s a solution that can serve more than just a single purpose.

It’s something rather unusual in a way, I mean, how many of us have come across fireplaces that are meant for the outdoors. In addition to the calming electric flames you can also enjoy the music that the MP3 support in the fireplace and the concealed speakers that can amplify your blissful feeling.

In order to make it look a little more realistic, there’s some artificial vegetation on it that can camouflage it when placed along your garden wall. It is good to own something so novel indeed.

Save the planet and energy costs with these fantastic new outdoor must-have.

The Firewinder, also known as the Original Windlight, is a decorative and completely wind-powered outdoor light from the UK-based Firewinder Company that transforms the ebb and flow of the wind into an upwardly spiralling glowing light.

Wind from any direction spins a small turbine on the helix-shaped device, thereby lighting up LEDs along its outer edge. With light winds of at least 3 mph, the Firewinder emits a dim glow, but as winds increase, so too does the brilliance of its light. In variable winds, the result is a pulsing, twisting glow that appears to float in mid-air.

The Firewinder can be hung or mounted to a post or wall, and it’s made of recyclable materials; no batteries or wires are required. As the greening of the consumer world continues apace, the market for ecologically sustainable goods will only increase. There’s no end in sight to the benefits of thinking green!


Simon Turner

Even for those smaller outdoor spaces, the Marquette Turner team love this idea:

Paris-based D Garden Collection has its sights set squarely on terraces, balconies and patios with its textile banners, self-adhesive wallpaper and waterproof cushion covers.

Banner designs are individually produced to the customer’s size requirements from high-quality textiles and inks to ensure UV protection, resistance to the elements and machine washability.

The wallpaper can be adhered to any glass or plexi surface, outdoors or in; when outdoors, they’ll last at least 3 years.

No matter how tiny their terraces, consumers’ desire for individuality and personal style remains super-sized. Plenty of room here for urban young execs and others to make their mark on patios around the world!


Simon Turner

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